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Marvesa in Brief

Marvesa is a client-driven trading and distribution organization that is dedicated to its distribution and producers network. Marvesa prides itself on being able to tailor products to meet both market and individual customer requirements. Our culture and expertise is conductive to building long term relationships and helping clients develop their competitive advantage in chosen markets.

Marvesa consists of the parent company in Rotterdam and four fully owned subsidiaries located in Rotterdam The Netherlands, Sussex United Kingdom and Zug Switzerland. Marvesa also has a joint venture with its German partner Köster Marine Proteins GmbH relating to fish oil activities managed out of Rotterdam the Netherlands and Lima Peru. Please find our press release regarding this joint venture here.

We believe that adequate scale is essential for optimizing the benefits of combined sourcing, logistical services and financial resources in order to enhance the value-creating capability for our consumers. Reinforcing existing market positions and expanding logistical activities at well-chosen strategic locations are two of our core skills.

For more information or inquiries please contact: marvesa@marvesa.com

Marvesa tailors products to meet both market and individual customer requirement

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Key Factors

Marvesa is committed to providing safe food and animal feed products and services.
Our focal points  are risk managementsustainability and health & safety

Risk Management

The management of risks is our top priority. Supply chain managers, the ultimate managers of the company’s exposure, are guided to exercise prudent judgement over the risk and reward ratio and are expected to understand their broad set of responsibilities.


Marvesa recognizes the importance of responsible sourcing, responsible production and responsible supply practices.

We are committed to assist in a safe, healthy and environmentally responsible working environment.

Health and Safety

Marvesa’s focus and philosophy is to procure, produce and sell products that are safe for human, fish and animal health.

Consumers are expressing concerns over artificial ingredients and food manufacturers are responding with natural products.


Marvesa is certified in accordance with international regulations


Together with our industry experts we continuously optimize our solutions whereas sustainability, reliability, safety, traceability are key.