TrusQ is a quality control organisation representing the following compound feed producers: Agrifirm, Cehave-Landbouwbelang Voeders BV, Forfarmers, Hendrix-UTD, de Heus Voeders, Versele-Laga Quarters and Rijnvallei. The purpose of this organisation is to secure optimum food safety by auditing suppliers’ respective product chains. The members have therefore combined their know-how regarding monitoring, quality control, tracking and tracing and crisis management. The basis of this initiative, which was started in 2003, is to have a clear picture of the raw material supply of grains, meals, vegetable oils and/or fatty acids for compound feed production.

TrusQ employs a so-called ‘traffic light’ procedure. Red indicates a supplier that is not acceptable to any of the members, orange means that work is underway with this supplier to upgrade their product chain in accordance with the rules of TrusQ and green means a supplier that has been accepted by the members.